according George Lucas, the world will be ended on 2012 (after this big news, he said that it was a kind of joke as you know) so everybody should hurry to do something. even so, the end of entire world will come within two years, i wanted to try something new from this year, such as new idea of web site and so on. keeping face forward is important, that is my fathers note and i really think so. if you stop thinking, you will slowly dead at that point. so think something new everyday.

ah, i do not mean ‘slogan’ here, i just note about my new project. at this point, this project is only in my head but i will note step by step within this blog or main site.

first of all (because it’s new), i need to do market research to know what kind of interface the project requires. this is very important making specifications and its rules. i will take time to do this but i will report progress of it to this blog. it will be simple, but creative, nice looking site i believe.